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Lull Mattress Review

Lull Mattress Review 2024: Comparison with Its Competitors

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The Lull mattress, a popular bed-in-a-box option known for its comfort and support, features multiple layers of memory foam designed to provide a balanced sleep experience. Choosing the right mattress is essential for good sleep quality. 

A comfortable and supportive mattress like the Lull memory foam mattress can improve your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. 

In this Lull mattress review, we’ll explore the features, performance, and overall value of the Lull mattresses, including the Lull hybrid mattress, to help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

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Overview of Lull Mattress

The Lull mattress combines affordability with advanced sleep technology to offer optimal comfort and support. This Lull mattress review covers the brand’s history, mattress features, and available sizes, helping you decide if Lull mattresses suit your sleep needs.

History and Background of the Lull Brand

Lull was founded in 2015 with a simple goal: to make a high-quality mattress that is both comfortable and supportive without a high price tag. By selling directly to customers online, Lull cuts out the middleman, making their mattresses more affordable.

Description of the Mattress

Materials: The Lull mattress is made of three layers of memory foam. The top layer of the Lull memory foam mattress has gel-infused foam that keeps you cool at night, a feature valued by those considering the Lull hybrid mattress for comfort. 

The middle layer of the Lull mattresses is a transition foam that provides support and evenly distributes your weight, a significant factor when assessing Lull mattress price. The bottom layer is a high-density foam that makes the Lull mattress durable and stable, enhancing the overall value of Lull mattresses.

Construction: The Lull mattresses is designed to be both comfortable and supportive. The gel-infused top layer molds to your body to relieve pressure points and reduce movement, enhancing the overall comfort of the mattress. The middle layer keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress, while the bottom layer ensures durability and longevity.

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Available Sizes: 

The Lull mattresses usually come in six standard sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

These sizes fit most bed frames and foundations, making it easy to find the right fit for your bedroom.

Unique Features of Lull Mattress

Three-Layer Design:

The Lull mattress is made of three layers. The top layer has gel-infused memory foam for cooling and comfort. The middle layer adds support, and the bottom layer is high-density foam for durability and stability.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam:

The top layer contains a gel that helps keep you cool while you sleep. This is great for people who get hot at night.

Motion Isolation:

The mattress reduces movement across the bed. This means if your partner moves, you’re less likely to feel it, making it ideal for couples.

Balanced Firmness:

The mattress has a medium-firm feel, offering a good mix of softness and support. It’s suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Performance of the Lull Mattress

When considering the performance of the Lull mattress in a comprehensive Lull mattress review, it’s essential to look at how it delivers in terms of comfort, durability, suitability for different sleep positions, and overall noise levels. 

These factors play a crucial role in determining whether the Lull memory foam mattress effectively meets your sleep needs, which can influence decisions about Lull mattress price and value.

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Sleep Experience: Personal Impressions and User Reviews

Balanced Firmness and Comfort: Users and reviewers appreciate the Lull mattress’s balanced firmness, which provides a supportive yet comfortable sleep surface. The gel-infused memory foam initially feels soft but conforms to the body, relieving pressure points.

Improved Sleep Quality: Aggregated reviews consistently report enhanced sleep quality. Users note reduced aches and pains, attributing this to the mattress’s supportive design.

Cooling Effect: The gel-infused top layer helps maintain a cooler sleep environment, which many users find beneficial for uninterrupted sleep.

Motion Isolation: Many users mention fewer disturbances from partner movements during the night, contributing to better overall sleep.

Durability: Longevity and Materials

High-Quality Materials: The Lull mattress is built with durable materials, including a high-density foam base layer. This base layer ensures the mattress maintains its shape and support over time.

User Feedback on Longevity: Users report that the mattress remains supportive and does not sag, even after years of use. The CertiPUR-US certification reinforces its durability and safety standards.

Lifespan Expectancy: Feedback indicates that the Lull mattress often exceeds the average lifespan of mattresses, which is typically 7-10 years.

Suitability for Different Sleep Positions

Side Sleepers: The top layer of gel-infused memory foam provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers, contouring the body and cushioning the shoulders and hips. This helps prevent discomfort and reduces the likelihood of waking up with aches in these areas.

Back Sleepers: The medium-firm feel of the mattress supports the natural curve of the spine for back sleepers. The middle transition layer helps maintain proper spinal alignment, reducing pressure on the lower back and promoting a comfortable sleep posture.

Stomach Sleepers: Firm base layer prevents excessive sinking, helping maintain spinal alignment and reducing potential back pain.

Noise: Quiet Performance

Noise-Free Design: The Lull mattress’s all-foam construction eliminates potential noises from springs or other components. Users consistently report a quiet sleep experience, even with movement during the night.

Benefits for Light Sleepers and Couples: The lack of noise contributes to an undisturbed sleep environment, particularly beneficial for light sleepers and couples sharing the bed.

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Pros and Cons

Considering the pros and cons of the Lull mattress in a detailed Lull mattress review helps you understand its strengths and weaknesses. This balanced assessment guides whether the Lull memory foam mattress effectively meets your comfort needs and preferences, including considerations for the Lull hybrid mattress if you seek additional support options.


  • Balanced firmness for support and comfort
  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam
  • Effective motion isolation
  • Durable high-density foam base
  • Suitable for various sleep positions
  • Quiet, noise-free performance


  • May not be ideal for heavyweight sleepers
  • Initial off-gassing odor
  • Potential to sleep warm

Comparison with Competitors

Here’s how the Lull mattress compares favorably to its competitors: Casper, Purple, and Tuft & Needle in different aspects:

Comfort and Support:

Lull Mattress: This mattress offers a balanced medium-firm feel, providing adequate support while conforming to body contours for pressure relief.


  • Casper: Similar in providing balanced support but may have slightly different firmness levels based on models.
  • Purple: Uses a unique Purple Grid for more targeted support, which some users find preferable for pressure relief.
  • Tuft & Needle: Also provides good support with adaptive foam but may not conform as closely as memory foam like Lull.

Cooling Technology:

Lull Mattress: Features gel-infused memory foam to regulate temperature and maintain a cool sleep environment.


  • Casper: Utilizes open-cell foams and breathable layers for cooling, similar in effectiveness but may vary in feel.
  • Purple: The Purple Grid promotes airflow and heat dissipation, often considered very effective for temperature regulation.
  • Tuft & Needle: Incorporates graphite and cooling gel beads in the foam, effective in cooling but may differ in feel compared to Lull.

Motion Isolation:

Lull Mattress: Minimizes motion transfer, ideal for couples or restless sleepers.


  • Casper: Known for good motion isolation with memory foam layers, comparable to Lull.
  • Purple: Also performs well in motion isolation due to the responsive nature of the Purple Grid.
  • Tuft & Needle: Generally decent in motion isolation, but may not excel as much as Lull or Casper.


Lull Mattress: Constructed with high-density foam for durability and long-term support.


  • Casper: Similar in durability with high-quality materials, depending on the specific model.
  • Purple: Known for durable construction with the hyper-elastic polymer grid, often outlasting traditional foam mattresses.
  • Tuft & Needle: Offers good durability with adaptive foam, competitive with Lull and Casper in longevity.

Price and Value:

Lull Mattress: Positioned competitively with a focus on value, offering a generous trial period and warranty.


  • Casper: Generally priced similarly with comparable trial and warranty, depending on promotions.
  • Purple: Often positioned at a premium due to unique technology, may be higher priced than Lull.
  • Tuft & Needle: Typically more affordable than Lull, targeting budget-conscious buyers with good value.

In summary, the Lull mattress distinguishes itself with balanced comfort, effective cooling technology in the Lull memory foam mattress, strong motion isolation, durability, and competitive pricing, factors that contribute to its appeal alongside the Lull hybrid mattress. While each competitor offers unique features, Lull’s combination of performance and value makes it a compelling choice for many sleepers.

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Customer Service and Warranty

Customer service and warranty are essential considerations when evaluating Lull mattresses. These factors ensure you receive support throughout your ownership and protection against potential issues, factors often highlighted in the Lull mattress review. 

In this overview, we’ll explore Lull’s customer service quality, including responsiveness and support options, as well as details about their warranty coverage, which can influence decisions about Lull mattress price and overall value. 

Understanding these aspects will help you make an informed decision and feel confident in your investment in a Lull mattress.

Warranty Coverage 

The Lull mattress is backed by a warranty that typically covers manufacturing defects and issues that may arise from regular use. This warranty specifies how long it remains valid and what it includes, such as repairs or replacements for defective mattresses. 

It’s important to review the warranty terms to understand any conditions or exceptions that may affect coverage, like improper use or alterations.

Return Policy and Trial Period 

Lull offers a return policy that allows customers to return the mattress within a specific period if they aren’t satisfied. This period usually includes a trial period during which customers can try the mattress at home. The return policy outlines the timeframe for returns and any conditions or fees involved. 

The trial period lets customers sleep on the mattress to decide if it meets their comfort needs before committing to the purchase.

Customer Service Experiences 

Feedback on Lull’s customer service varies, but overall, customers often report positive experiences. They appreciate the helpfulness and responsiveness of Lull’s support team when handling inquiries, warranty claims, or issues with mattress delivery and setup. 

Positive feedback often highlights efficient problem-solving and courteous assistance, enhancing overall satisfaction with the buying process.

Pricing and Value

Here’s the pricing range for different sizes of the Lull mattress:

The prices mentioned originate from the official Lull mattress website and are displayed without any applied discounts. These Lull mattress prices are subject to potential adjustments over time.

Assessment of Value for Money:

The Lull mattress provides great value for its price compared to other bed-in-a-box options. It uses high-quality materials such as gel-infused memory foam and durable base foam, ensuring comfort and longevity. 

The mattress’s cooling features and ability to reduce motion transfer further enhance its appeal, making it a favored choice for those seeking a comfortable and affordable mattress.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the Lull mattress provide valuable insights into its performance and quality. In this section, we’ll summarize feedback from various sources, highlighting overall satisfaction, sleep quality, durability, temperature regulation, customer service, and value for money. 

We’ll also share some testimonials from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers to give you a clear picture of what to expect from the Lull mattress.

Summary of Customer Feedback

Overall Satisfaction: Many people are very happy with the comfort and support the Lull mattress provides. Customers like the balance between firmness and softness, which suits different sleeping positions.

Sleep Quality: Positive feedback often mentions better sleep quality and fewer aches and pains. Some customers say the mattress helps with back pain and restless sleep.

Durability and Longevity: Reviews indicate that the mattress keeps its shape and support over time, without much sagging. A few customers, however, mention durability issues after using it for a while.

Temperature Regulation: There have been mixed reviews on temperature control, with some customers saying it stays cool while others find it gets too hot.

Customer Service: Many customers praise Lull’s quick and helpful customer service. Negative reviews often mention delayed delivery or problems with returns.

Value for Money: Customers often say that the Lull mattress is a good deal for the price. Some think that similar comfort can be found in cheaper options.

Testimonials and Quotes

Satisfied Customers:

  • “I’ve never slept better! The Lull mattress is the perfect mix of support and comfort. My back pain has significantly reduced.”
  • “Great value for money. The mattress has just the right firmness, and I wake up feeling refreshed every morning.” “The customer service was excellent. They answered all my questions and the delivery was smooth and quick.” 

Unsatisfied Customers:

  • “The mattress started sagging after just a few months. Not what I expected for the price.” 
  • “I found the mattress to be too firm, and it didn’t help with my shoulder pain. The return process was also quite frustrating.”
  • “It retains too much heat for my liking. I wake up sweaty and uncomfortable.”

These reviews show a range of experiences, highlighting both the good points and areas for improvement for the Lull mattress.

Lull Mattress Review: FAQs

Exploring a comprehensive Lull mattress review often raises common questions about its features, performance, and overall value. This FAQ guide aims to address these inquiries to help you make an informed decision about whether a Lull mattress is the right choice for your sleep needs.

What Do Customers Say About the Lull Mattress?

Many customers love the Lull mattress for its comfort and support, saying it helps them sleep better and reduces aches and pains.

Is the Lull Mattress Good for Back Pain?

Yes, many people report that the Lull mattress helps relieve back pain thanks to its balanced firmness and support.

How Durable Is the Lull Mattress?

Most reviews say the Lull mattress holds its shape and support well over time. However, some users have experienced sagging after long-term use.

Does the Lull Mattress Stay Cool?

Opinions are mixed. Some customers say the mattress stays cool, while others find it gets too warm.

How Is Lull’s Customer Service?

Lull’s customer service is usually praised for being responsive and helpful. However, some negative reviews mention problems with delivery times and returns.

Do Lull Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

No, Lull mattresses do not contain fiberglass. They use layers of foam, including memory foam and polyurethane foam, in their mattresses, and fiberglass is not used in their construction materials.


In summary, the Lull mattresses, including the Lull memory foam mattress and Lull hybrid mattress, have received largely positive feedback for their comfort, support, and ability to improve sleep quality. Many customers have reported reduced aches and pains and appreciate the balance of firmness and softness that suits various sleeping positions. 

The mattresses are generally durable, though some users have experienced sagging over time. Temperature regulation has mixed reviews, with some finding it cool and others experiencing heat retention. Customer service is often praised, though there are occasional complaints about delivery and returns.

The Lull mattress is a solid choice for those seeking a supportive and comfortable sleep experience at a reasonable lull mattress price. While it has some drawbacks, such as potential heat retention and occasional durability issues, it generally offers good value for money and excellent customer service.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your own experiences or thoughts about the Lull mattress review in the comments below. Your feedback can help others make an informed decision.

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