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Best Canadian Mattresses in 2024

7 Best Canadian Mattresses in 2024: Pros & Cons Compared

Welcome to the best Canadian mattresses, where we guide you through the cozy world of sleep with a focus on the Great White North’s finest mattresses! Today, we spotlight one of our top choices – the incredible ‘Emma Hybrid Comfort’.

Discover the perfect blend of support and plushness as we dive into what makes this mattress a standout in the Canadian market. 

Join us on this journey of comfort exploration, and let’s find the ideal mattress that promises a dreamy night’s sleep for you in the heart of Canada.

7 Best Canadian Mattresses: Our Top Picks

Here are some of the Best Canadian mattresses in 2024:

  • Emma Hybrid Comfort – Best Best Canadian Mattress Overall
  • Endy – Most Comfortable Mattress
  • Logan & Cove Frontier – Best for Back Sleepers
  • Octave Vista – Best for Pressure Relief
  • Douglas – Best Affordable Mattress
  • Polysleep – Best Mattress for Couples
  • Silk & Snow – Best Memory Foam Mattress

Emma Hybrid Comfort – Best Canadian Mattress Overall

The Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress is the best Canadian mattress overall by seamlessly blending support and comfort. This hybrid marvel combines memory foam and pocketed coils, offering personalized pressure relief and responsive support for all sleep positions. 

Its advanced design minimizes motion transfer, making it ideal for couples. The mattress promotes breathability, ensuring a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Crafted with quality materials, the Emma Hybrid Comfort is a testament to sleep innovation, catering to the diverse needs of Canadian sleepers. 

Elevate your sleep experience with this exceptional mattress, where support, comfort, and superior design converge for a restful night.


  • Supportive design with a combination of innerspring and foam
  • Motion isolation for reduced disturbances during sleep
  • Cooling properties due to improved air circulation
  • Potential durability with a mix of materials
  • Strong edge support for ease of use


  • Higher price compared to some alternatives
  • Heavier weight may make it challenging to move
  • Possible off-gassing odor initially

Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback on the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress highlights its excellent support, comfort, and reduced motion transfer. Some users appreciate the cooling properties, but a few mention an initial off-gassing odor. Overall, it receives positive reviews for its durability and strong edge support.

Price and Where to Purchase:

To purchase the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress, visit the official Emma mattress website for direct sales. Alternatively, check online marketplaces like Amazon or visit authorized retailers carrying Emma mattresses. Verify availability and pricing on the official website for the most accurate information.

Endy – Most Comfortable Mattress

Endy claims to offer the most comfortable Canadian mattress by combining memory foam and high-density polyfoam layers in its design. This blend aims to balance comfort and support, with the memory foam adapting to the body’s contours for personalized comfort. 

Renowned for its motion isolation properties, Endy mattresses minimize disturbances caused by movement, making them an appealing choice for couples. 

As a Canadian company, Endy’s emphasis on locally designed and manufactured mattresses appeals to consumers seeking comfort and a commitment to supporting domestic products. The official Endy website and customer reviews are advisable for the latest information.


  • Comfortable design with a combination of memory foam and high-density polyfoam
  • Excellent motion isolation, making it suitable for couples
  • Canadian-made, supporting a domestic brand
  • Convenient compressed delivery in a box
  • Typically comes with a 100-night trial period


  • Initial off-gassing odor
  • Limited edge support
  • Potential for heat retention

Customer Feedback:

Customers often praise Endy mattresses for their exceptional comfort and motion isolation. Some note a minor initial odor that dissipates over time. Positive feedback emphasizes the supportive feel and convenience of the Canadian-made mattress delivered in a box.

Price and Where to Purchase:

For the latest pricing and to purchase Endy mattresses, visit the official Endy website or authorized retailers. Availability and pricing details can be found on their website for the most accurate information.

Logan & Cove Frontier – Best for Back Sleepers

Logan & Cove Frontier is touted as the best Canadian mattress for back sleepers due to its perfect balance of medium-firm support and pressure relief. The mattress is designed to maintain proper spinal alignment, offering optimal comfort for those who primarily sleep on their backs. 

With a focus on high-quality materials and advanced technologies, such as cooling features, the Logan & Cove Frontier ensures a restful and supportive sleep experience for back sleepers.

Positive customer reviews and the brand’s reputation contribute to its recognition as one of the Canadian market’s best mattresses for back sleepers.


  • Optimal support for back sleepers
  • Effective pressure relief for added comfort
  • High-quality materials enhance durability
  • Incorporates advanced cooling technologies


  • Potentially higher price point
  • Firmness may not suit every preference
  • Heavier weight could be a drawback

Customer Feedback:

Logan & Cove Frontier mattresses are praised for their luxurious design and exceptional comfort, blending responsive support with plush cushioning. Users appreciate the advanced cooling technology and high-quality materials, making it a top choice for a restful night’s sleep. Some mention a slight initial off-gassing odor, but it typically dissipates quickly.

Price and Where to Purchase:

For the latest pricing on the Logan & Cove Frontier mattress in Canada, check the official Logan & Cove website or authorized retailers. Popular options include online platforms like Amazon or local mattress stores.

Octave Vista – Best for Pressure Relief

Octave Vista is recognized as the best Canadian mattress for pressure relief due to its innovative design that caters to individual comfort needs. The mattress features a combination of responsive memory foam and targeted support zones, ensuring proper spinal alignment and relieving pressure points.

Its advanced technology distributes body weight evenly, providing a plush yet supportive feel that reduces discomfort and promotes a restful sleep experience. With a focus on pressure relief, Octave Vista is an ideal choice for those seeking a mattress that prioritizes comfort and support.


  • Advanced pressure relief
  • Targeted support zones for proper spinal alignment
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Even weight distribution
  • Innovative design for tailored comfort


  • Higher price point
  • Limited availability
  • Moderate motion transfer

Customer Feedback:

Customers praise Octave Vista for its exceptional comfort and effective pressure relief, noting the targeted support zones. Some mention the higher price but emphasize its value in delivering a restful sleep experience. 

Positive feedback centers on the mattress’s quality materials and innovative design for a satisfying night’s rest.

Price and Where to Purchase:

To find the current cost of the Octave Vista mattress, visit the official Octave website or explore online platforms such as Amazon. Additionally, inquire at local mattress stores about purchasing the Octave Vista in person.

Douglas – Best Affordable Mattress

Douglas stands out as the best Canadian affordable mattress due to its exceptional balance of quality and affordability. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it offers a combination of supportive memory foam and cooling gel, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience without compromising durability. 

With a reasonable price point, Douglas provides an accessible option for those seeking a high-quality mattress without breaking the bank, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers in Canada.


  • Affordable with high-quality materials
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Effective pressure relief and motion isolation
  • Cooling technology for temperature regulation


  • Limited firmness options
  • Availability may be primarily online
  • Moderate edge support

Customer Feedback:

Customers praise Douglas mattresses’ unbeatable value, eco-friendly materials, and effective pressure relief. 

While some desire more firmness options, the overall consensus is positive, emphasizing the affordability and comfort of Douglas mattresses.

Price and Where to Purchase:

For the latest pricing on Douglas mattresses, check the official Douglas website or online retailers like Amazon. Purchase options may also be available through local mattress stores or authorized dealers.

Polysleep – Best Mattress for Couples

Polysleep is recognized as the best Canadian mattress for couples due to its innovative design that effectively minimizes motion transfer. The advanced foam layers isolate movement, ensuring minimal disturbances from one partner’s movements, promoting undisturbed sleep. 

Additionally, the mattress offers a balanced blend of support and comfort, catering to the diverse preferences of both partners for a harmonious and restful night’s sleep.


  • Excellent motion isolation, ideal for couples
  • Adaptive foam layers provide a balanced blend of support and comfort
  • Advanced cooling technology for temperature regulation


  • Relatively higher price point compared to some budget alternatives
  • Limited firmness options may not cater to all preferences

Customer Feedback:

Customers love Polysleep for its exceptional motion isolation, praising the balance of support and comfort. Despite a slightly higher price, the consensus highlights its positive impact on couples’ sleep quality.

Price and Where to Purchase:

To find the current pricing for Polysleep mattresses, explore the official Polysleep website or browse online platforms such as Amazon. Additionally, inquire at nearby mattress stores for the availability of Polysleep mattresses for in-person purchase.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

When choosing a mattress, several factors play a crucial role in determining your comfort and quality of sleep. From the type of mattress to its firmness and considering your budget, these elements can significantly impact your overall sleeping experience. 

Understanding these factors helps you select a mattress that suits your needs and ensures restful sleep.

Support and Comfort

Support and comfort are integral to choosing the right mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

Spine Alignment Support: A mattress must offer proper support for maintaining the spine’s natural alignment, preventing discomfort, and supporting overall spinal health.

Comfort Preferences (Soft, Medium, Firm): Personal comfort varies, and choosing a mattress with the right firmness, be it soft, medium, or firm, ensures a tailored and satisfying sleep experience.

Materials and Construction

Choosing the right mattress involves carefully considering materials and construction, impacting comfort and durability.

Diverse Material Options: Select from memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid options, each offering unique benefits tailored to individual preferences and support needs.

Breathability and Cooling Features: Opt for mattresses with cooling features like gel-infused memory foam for enhanced breathability, ensuring a comfortable sleep temperature.

Durability and Longevity

When choosing a mattress, durability, and longevity are paramount for a wise investment in quality sleep.

Quality of Materials: Opt for mattresses with high-quality materials like dense foams or durable coils, ensuring prolonged resilience against wear and maintaining structural integrity.

Warranty and Lifespan Expectations: Assess the warranty offered by the manufacturer as a key indicator of a mattress’s expected lifespan. A longer warranty reflects confidence in durability, and understanding its terms provides realistic expectations for longevity and overall quality.

Best Canadian Mattress Company

Here are some of the best mattress companies in Canada:

Endy: Known for its foam mattresses, Endy offers a bed-in-a-box solution focusing on comfort and temperature regulation.

Douglas: Also a part of the Novosbed brand, Douglas mattresses are designed and manufactured in Canada, offering a balance of affordability and quality.

Polysleep: Recognized for its innovative designs, Polysleep provides mattresses with features like advanced cooling technology and motion isolation.

Brunswick: Owned by, Brunswick offers affordable hybrid mattresses with a blend of foam and innerspring support.

Before deciding, consider your personal preferences, sleep needs, and budget. Additionally, check for recent reviews and any updates to the product offerings from these companies.

Buying Guide and Tips

Navigate the mattress-buying process with confidence using these tips. From testing in-store or buying online to considerations for sleeping positions and health conditions, this guide equips you with essential insights for a satisfying and informed purchase.

Tips for Testing Mattresses:

In-Store Testing: Spend sufficient time testing mattresses, try various sleeping positions, and seek guidance from store staff.

Buying Online:  Research thoroughly, read reviews, understand return policies, and consider brands offering sleep trials for at-home testing.

Considerations for Different Sleeping Positions:

Back Sleepers: Choose medium to firm mattresses for spinal alignment.

Side Sleepers: Opt for soft to medium firmness for shoulder and hip comfort.

Stomach Sleepers: Select firmer mattresses to prevent lower back sagging.

Factors for Specific Health Conditions:

Back Pain: Consider medium-firm to firm mattresses with lumbar support.

Allergies: Choose hypoallergenic materials and anti-microbial covers.

Arthritis or Joint Pain: Opt for pressure-relieving materials like memory foam and consider adjustable bases for customization.

Best Canadian Mattresses: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions(FAQs) about Best Canadian Mattress.

Notable brands include Endy, Douglas, Polysleep, and Brunswick, each offering unique features catering to various sleep preferences.

How Do I Choose the Right Mattress Type?

Consider your comfort preferences and support needs. Memory foam provides contouring, latex offers bounce, innerspring provides traditional support, and hybrids combine these features.

Are Canadian Mattresses Affordable?

Many Canadian mattress brands provide affordable options; factors like materials and features influence pricing. Compare options based on your budget and requirements.

Can I Buy Canadian Mattresses Online?

Yes, most Canadian mattress brands offer online purchasing options with convenient home delivery. Be sure to check return policies and sleep trial options.

How Do I Test a Mattress Before Buying It Online?

Read customer reviews, check for sleep trials, and consider brands with favorable return policies. Online mattress companies often offer extended trial periods for at-home testing.


In conclusion, the top Canadian mattresses, including brands such as Endy, Douglas, Polysleep, and Brunswick, offer diverse options to cater to various sleep preferences. 

As readers navigate their mattress selection journey, it’s encouraged to consider individual needs, preferences, and budgets. 

Making an informed decision based on the insights provided in this guide ensures a tailored choice that aligns with unique sleep requirements. A quality mattress invests in a good night’s sleep, contributing to overall well-being and a healthier, happier life. May your chosen mattress bring the comfort and rejuvenation needed for restful nights ahead.

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