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9 Best Hybrid Mattresses in 2024: Buyer’s Guide

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When you’re looking for a new mattress, you might see many called “hybrid mattresses.” These mix parts of innerspring and latex or foam mattresses to give you the good stuff from both types.

There are many hybrid mattress brands, but which ones are the best? We checked out a bunch and picked our top nine. Overall, we think the Lull Luxe Hybrid makes the best hybrid mattresses. Layla comes in second place, and they make mattresses that are certified organic.

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Best Hybrid Mattresses

  • Lull Luxe Hybrid – Best Hybrid Mattress Overall 
  • Layla – Best Hybrid Mattress for Hot Sleepers 
  • Nolah – Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers
  • DreamCloud Sleep – Best Budget Hybrid Mattress
  • Awara Sleep – Best Hybrid Mattress for a Heavy Person
  • PlushBed – Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress
  • Diamond Mattress – Best Plush Hybrid Mattress
  • SleepOvation – Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain
  • Nectar Sleep – Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Lull Luxe Hybrid – Best Hybrid Mattress Overall 

Luxe Hybrid Lull Mattress

Getting a good hybrid mattress can change how you sleep since it mixes the cool stuff from spring and foam beds. The Lull Luxe Hybrid is one of the top picks out there giving you great comfort, support, and it won’t break the bank. If you’re on the hunt for the best hybrid mattress, a cheap hybrid that’s still good, a firm hybrid, or even a king-sized hybrid, the Lull Luxe Hybrid has got you covered for all of these.

Product Details

Highlighted Key Features of the Mattress

  • Hybrid Construction: Combines the contouring comfort of memory foam with the support of innerspring coils
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Provides cooling and pressure relief, ideal for hot sleepers
  • Individually Wrapped Coils: Offer targeted support and reduce motion transfer, perfect for couples
  • Breathable Cover: Enhances airflow, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night
  • Reinforced Edge Support: Ensures durability and maximizes usable sleep surface

Why This is the Best Hybrid Mattress

The Lull Luxe Hybrid is good at giving you a sleep that’s not too soft or too hard. It’s got this cool design that mixes memory foam (the comfy stuff) with springy coils, so it works for lots of different people. If you’re looking for a firm hybrid mattress that’s not too firm, this one’s got you covered. It helps keep your back straight and takes the pressure off your joints.

Plus, it’s not super expensive, which is awesome if you want a hybrid mattress but don’t want to break the bank. You can get it in different sizes, even king size, which is great if you need more room to spread out while you sleep. So if you want a big hybrid mattress, this might be the best one for you.


  • Comfort: Gel-infused memory foam offers excellent pressure relief and cooling
  • Support: Individually wrapped coils provide targeted support and minimize motion transfer
  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Edge Support: Reinforced edges provide added durability and a larger usable sleep surface
  • Affordability: Competitively priced for its quality, making it an excellent value


  • Weight: Heavier than some other mattresses, making it harder to move
  • Firmness: May be too firm for those who prefer a softer mattress

Customer Reviews & Ratings

People keep saying good things about the Lull Luxe Hybrid mattress. They like how comfy and supportive it is. A lot of folks talk about how it stays cool and doesn’t move much when someone else does, which is great for couples. The mattress gets top marks for lasting a long time being worth the money, and helping people sleep better. Some people say it’s a bit firm at first, but most think it’s just right, not too hard, not too soft.

Read our Lull Mattress review here.

Price and Where to Purchase

You can buy the Lull Luxe Hybrid on Lull’s main website. A king-sized one costs at $1,559, so it’s a good deal if you want to get the top hybrid mattress without breaking the bank.

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Layla – Best Hybrid Mattress for Hot Sleepers 


  • Copper-infused memory foam for improved temperature control 
  • Affordable payment plans are available 
  • You can include bedding and bases as add-ons 
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Cold sleepers may find that the temperature control works too well

Who Should Try Layla? 

The Layla hybrid mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses our top pick overall, but we recommend it the most for hot sleepers. Layla offers an effective cooling hybrid mattress with a comfort layer made from copper-infused memory foam. The copper draws out body heat, making it perfect for hot sleepers in humid climates who just can’t relax without being covered in a blanket. Menopausal women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats will also find significant relief. 

Even better, the copper particles firm up when you lie on them, providing extra support at night if you have back pain. Copper is also antimicrobial, which helps you keep your bed clean and can relieve skin problems worsened by bacterial infections [1]. The memory foam layer is also free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unlike cheaper foam. 

The Layla hybrid mattress can suit both back sleepers and side sleepers with its two firmness options. What sets it apart from other brands is that these are two sides of the same mattress. One side is a medium-firm mattress, with a rating of 7/10, while the soft side is rated 4/10. This flippable mattress has handles to make choosing your side (or switching) easier. 

If you need an adjustable base for improved head elevation, the individually wrapped coils that make up the innerspring layer won’t get in the way. They also enhance the edge support, so you won’t sink into the mattress regardless of where you sleep or sit. 

Learn more about the Layla mattress in this standalone review.

Who Shouldn’t Use Layla? 

Copper allergies are rare but possible, so avoid the Layla mattress if you or your partner experience this. As the innerspring layer and copper-infused memory foam both draw out and dispel body heat, you may find it hard to get warm if you sleep cold. 

Layla Ranking: 4.9/5

Size – 4.9/5

The Layla hybrid mattress is 13 inches thick and comes in all major sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. Its thickness means you won’t be let down if you sleep with a partner or have a larger body size. 

Durability – 4.9/5

The individually wrapped coils and flippable mattress design may work together to prevent permanent sagging, extending the life of your mattress. Additionally, copper’s antimicrobial properties improve your mattress’s durability by preventing bacterial growth. 

Comfort – 4.9/5

You will almost certainly find comfort with two firmness options accessible by simply flipping your mattress over. The combination of memory foam and innerspring gives you the right balance between softness and freedom of movement. 

Price – 4.9/5

Layla offers a more affordable hybrid mattress than other brands, starting at only $1,099 for a twin mattress, and king-sized mattresses reaching $1,699. You can also take advantage of a payment plan that starts at just $125 per month. 


Out of all the hybrid mattresses we reviewed, Layla is definitely one of the best hybrid mattresses. It includes copper-infused memory foam, two levels of firmness, and handles for easy flipping. 

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Nolah – Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers


  • Organic latex and luxury hybrid mattress options
  • AirFoamICE made with no heat-trapping foam 
  • Tri-zone support coils for excellent edge support
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Not available in physical stores 

Who Should Try Nolah? 

Nolah stocks the best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers. Two options are available: the 15-inch luxury hybrid mattress and the 11-inch natural latex mattress. 

The Nolah Evolution, a luxury mattress 15 inches thick, features an advanced design made for targeted support and low-motion transfer. Its individually wrapped coils are split into three sections that emphasize lower back support, making it ideal if you’re suffering from back pain. You can also choose between plush, luxury firm, and firm material. 

With a recycled plant fiber layer to keep the support coils stable and high-density foam for edge support, Nolah Evolution is made to give you years of comfort. For temperature control, the graphite-infused AirFoamICE layer draws heat away from your body and bed covers. 

The Nolah Natural is one of the best hybrid mattresses made from certified organic Talalay latex. This is more durable and breathable than synthetic latex, so it’s the better choice for hot sleepers. Talalay latex also supports your body’s natural curves without being too smothering and does not contain any VOCs or other synthetic chemicals, unlike memory foam. 

What’s more, the organic cotton cover and wool underneath are both soft and can help wick away excess moisture, keeping you and your mattress feeling fresh. Even the support coils are individually wrapped in organic cotton. They are also set out in a Tri-Zone support formation in order to bring relief if you are suffering from back pain or shoulder pain. 

Learn more about the best mattress for side sleepers here.

Who Shouldn’t Use Nolah? 

Nolah is not available in physical stores, so it may not be best if you want to try your mattress before buying one. 

Nolah Ranking: 4.8/5

Size – 4.8/5

The Nolah Evolution is a luxurious 15 inches thick, while the Nolah Natural is 11 inches. Both come in the six main mattress sizes. The Evolution also offers the Split King option, where you can choose the firmness level of each side. This is made of two Twin XL mattresses that match the standard King size when you place them together. 

Durability – 4.9/5

The memory foam mattress layer used in the Nolah Evolution is four times more durable than standard memory foam, thanks to its graphite content. Vulcanized Talalay latex, the star material of the Nolah Natural, is one of the most resistant to sagging. 

Comfort – 4.9/5

Nolah Evolution’s three firmness options and heat-clearing AirFoamICE provide a superior level of comfort. While it gently cradles your body, it doesn’t sink. If you choose the Nolah Natural, its Talalay latex can provide 33% more pressure relief in critical areas compared to Dunlop latex. Additionally, this material holds your body without sinking or trapping heat. 

Price – 4.8/5

At $1,599 for a Queen-sized mattress, the Nolah Evolution is similar to the Layla, while the Nolah Natural costs $1,199 for the same size. You can choose to apply for a payment plan with Affirm, however, starting at $134 and $100 per month, respectively. 


Nolah’s two hybrid mattresses, the high-tech Evolution, made with graphite-infused memory foam, and the certified-organic Natural, with Talalay latex, bring you a balance of comfort and support. This makes them one of the best hybrid mattresses in the market.

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DreamCloud Sleep – Best Budget Hybrid Mattress


  • Bundles start at just $599
  • Save hundreds with free contour pillows, mattress toppers, and sheet sets
  • Regular discount deals on offer
  • 365-day trial period


  • The upper layers contain Mongolian cashmere, so it is not suitable for vegans

Who Should Try DreamCloud Sleep? 

The mattresses by DreamCloud Sleep Co are the most affordable options on our list. They’re the best hybrid mattresses if you’re on a budget, and are also compatible with a box spring mattress. 

DreamCloud Sleep bundles save you hundreds of dollars, with pillows, a mattress topper, and sheet set included at no additional cost. The “basic” model features gel-infused memory foam, above a “just-right” layer that ensures you won’t be swallowed up. Each spring is individually wrapped, so you can enjoy targeted support.

The Premier mattress starts at $799 and costs $1,399 for a Queen size. Here, you don’t just have one memory foam layer, but two, with an inch of soft foam in between. There is also an extra foam support layer, which optimizes edge support. 

DreamCloud’s plushest mattress, the Premier Rest, starts at $1,299 and its Queen model costs $1,799. With a pressure relief layer on top of supportive foam, it’s highly rated by customers. The Premier Rest is the thickest model, too, because of its 8.5-inch support coil layer. 

Who Shouldn’t Use DreamCloud Sleep? 

DreamCloud Sleep isn’t for you if you are vegan, because its top layer contains Mongolian cashmere. 

DreamCloud Sleep Ranking: 4.7/5

Size – 4.7/5

DreamCloud Sleep mattress models are 14 and 16 inches (Premier Rest) thick, giving you superior comfort. However, this may be a little heavier. 

Durability – 4.7/5

All DreamCloud Sleep mattresses have a lifetime warranty, illustrating the company’s confidence in their quality. They also have little to no off-gassing of chemicals, which occurs when the mattress breaks down.

Comfort – 4.8/5

With layers of memory foam, supportive layers, and individually wrapped coils, you can enjoy a gentle cradling effect without losing freedom of movement. 

Price – 4.9/5

DreamCloud Sleep is the best value for money, with bundles that include pillows and bedding starting at under $1,000. 


DreamCloud Sleep doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. It strikes the right balance between comfort, freedom of movement, and durability, making it one of the best hybrid mattresses. 

Awara Sleep – Best Hybrid Mattress for a Heavy Person


  • Adaptive foam support 
  • Only high-quality natural materials 
  • Premium coil support layer
  • Supports tree-planting initiatives


  • Not suitable for vegans 

Who Should Try Awara Sleep? 

Awara Sleep is one of the best hybrid mattresses if you or your partner have a larger body size, as it provides adaptive support. 

With two inches of all-natural Dunlop latex, the mattress contours to your individual body shape while supporting your joints and pressure points. This single, smaller layer of foam is best for heavier body types, as you are more likely to sink into thicker foam. As a natural material, it contains no endocrine disruptors, which accumulate in body fat.

Additionally, Awara Sleep mattresses include individually-wrapped coils, so you can change positions without waking up your partner. They also prevent sagging and allow for more pressure relief. 

If you need something thicker, the Premier Mattress contains four inches of latex foam. This is best for side sleepers and those who prefer a softer mattress. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Awara Sleep? 

Awara Sleep mattresses contain organic wool, which may not be suitable for you if you are strictly vegan. 

Awara Sleep Ranking: 4.7/5

Size – 4.8/5

Standard Awara mattresses are 10 inches thick, while the premium option is 12 inches. If you have trouble moving mattresses because of their weight, its four handles can make shifting it much easier. 

Durability – 4.9/5

Dunlop latex is a highly durable material, and individually wrapped coils help prevent sagging. The Awara Sleep Forever Warranty also demonstrates confidence in the product’s longevity. 

Comfort – 4.6/5

With adaptive foam at a moderate level of thickness and naturally cooling properties, Awara Sleep is excellent for heavier people. However, it is only available in one firmness option. 

Price – 4.7/5

At only $1,099 for a queen-size mattress, Awara Sleep is great value. 


Awara Sleep provides the best hybrid mattresses that don’t swallow up larger people and don’t break the bank. 

PlushBed – Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress – Ranking 4.7/5


  • Made with certified organic cotton, wool, and latex 
  • Hybrid mattresses for both children and adults are available 
  • Individually-wrapped coils 
  • Free shipping 


  • If the mattress isn’t right for you, you must sleep on it for 30 days before returning it

Who Should Try PlushBeds?

PlushBeds is the best cooling hybrid mattress brand, even though their cooling properties aren’t the only selling point. 

Both hybrid mattresses for adults, as well as the mattresses for babies and children, are made from certified organic and natural materials. Cotton, wool, and natural latex are more breathable than synthetics, while the coils provide more space for heat to escape. 

The 12-inch Luxury Bliss organic hybrid latex mattress mostly consists of a three-inch comfort layer made from organic latex and individually wrapped, pocketed coils. On the outside, you have a GOTS-certified organic cotton layer with organic wool underneath. The pocketed coils’ individual wrapping creates motion isolation and makes the mattress malleable. 

Wool is a natural fire barrier, creating added safety without toxic chemical flame retardants such as PBDEs. Many countries ban these materials due to evidence that they could harm the immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems. 

The Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress is a vegan alternative. Under its breathable, stretchy cotton cover is a wool-free, fiberglass-free eco fire barrier. Grown without pesticides or other agricultural chemicals, it’s organic, too. Beneath these are the organic Talalay latex layer and CertiPUR-certified polyfoam to create a soft, buoyant sensation. 

Avoiding the use of flame retardants and other chemicals is even more important for babies and children, as their bodies are still developing and, therefore, more sensitive. The Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress is a seven-inch, two-sided alternative with organic cotton, wool, and latex. With supportive pocketed coils underneath, your baby’s developing spine is protected, too. 

The Healthy Child Hybrid Mattress continues this support. It is a smaller version of PlushBeds’ Luxury Bliss hybrid mattress, with organic cotton and wool covering ARPICO organic latex. The pocketed coils are individually wrapped, too, providing targeted support to every part of the body. 

Who Shouldn’t Use PlushBeds? 

PlushBeds’ hybrid mattresses are on the heavy side. If you have trouble moving around beds on your own and do not have a partner to help, a lighter alternative such as the Nolah may be best. 

PlushBeds Ranking: 4.7/5

Size – 4.5/5

PlushBeds’ Luxury Bliss hybrid mattresses are available in eight-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch options, while Eco Bliss comes in eight and 10-inch heights. However, they are heavier than many competitors. The 12-inch Queen-size weighs 172 pounds, for example, compared to 90 pounds for a 12-inch SleepOvation, our best hybrid mattress for back pain. 

Durability – 4.9/5

Organic latex is not only breathable but also more durable than synthetics. It can last for up to 25 years in good condition. 

Comfort – 4.8/5

Thanks to their breathable, soft materials, PlushBeds offers two naturally cooling hybrid mattress options. They are typically only available as medium and medium-firm mattresses, but you can request a custom level of firmness.

Price – 4.4/5 

While the Eco Bliss is $2,149 for a twin mattress, the Luxury Bliss starts at $2,599. These are among the most expensive mattresses, although most hybrid mattresses cost more than other types. 


PlushBeds is one of the best hybrid mattresses with a cooling design. No stone is left unturned with organic materials and even children’s options. 

Diamond Mattress – Best Plush Hybrid Mattress


  • A total of 13 hybrid mattresses are on offer 
  • Pocketed coils support combination sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers
  • Free shipping and payment plans are available 


  • Plush mattresses do not support stomach sleepers’ abdomen and hips well enough 

Who Should Try Diamond Mattress?

Consider Diamond Mattresses if you’re looking for a range of choices, particularly if you are seeking a plush soft mattress. However, not all Diamond mattresses have soft options, as some are only available in firm or medium-firm types. 

The Diamond Faith, with an option to select 2/10 on the firmness scale, is one of the best soft hybrid mattress models you can find on the market. Its memory foam content, which is also hyper-conductive, is supportive without being stifling. Beneath a layer of CoolTouch advanced temperature regulating fabric is hyper-conductive memory foam, both of which dispel heat. 

All foams used to make Diamond mattresses are Certi-PUR certified, meaning they do not emit toxic VOCs. The coils are made from recycled steel and are individually wrapped to prevent damage and maximize spinal support. Even better, all Diamond mattresses have a lifetime warranty, showing confidence in their manufacturing skills. 

The Diamond Transformation is another hybrid mattress by the same brand. It adds a microcoil comfort layer in between the conductive foam and comfort layers, providing extra pressure relief. As a wrapped design, each coil conforms to your body’s different pressure levels. They also add even more breathability. 

Diamond’s Ethos Cove Hybrid is made with natural latex and CertiPUR US-certified foam. Although it isn’t a completely organic mattress, Ethos Cove Hybrid combines organic material with safer synthetics. At $1,799 for a Queen size, it’s also more affordable than others reviewed here. 

The Ethos Natural Hybrid comes from even more natural materials, including organic cotton, wool, and latex. Non-toxic Eco-Flex foam adds comfort, and the wrapped coils further support you. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Diamond Mattress?

Stomach sleepers and combination sleepers should not choose the plush soft options for bedding. More support, which can only come with firmness, is needed in this position as specific parts of the back sink into the bed. 

Diamond Mattress Ranking: 4.6/5

Size – 4.8/5

The Diamond Mattress is available in several hybrid mattresses with a 14-inch thickness, including the Intention model. Others are 12 inches thick, including the Response Cool Hybrid Mattress, which has a four-inch foam layer. This gives you optimal support, regardless of body size. 

Durability – 4.8/5

With dense foam and superior edge support, Diamond hybrid mattresses are made with durable materials. They also promise a 20-year Forever Warranty detailed in absolute terms, illustrating their confidence in the mattress’ longevity. 

Comfort – 4.6/5

The top-rated Diamond hybrid mattresses are available in plush soft firmness levels. These can reach as low as 2/10 on a firmness scale. Other models are only sold in medium or firm variations, so check the firmness options first if you want a softer bed. 

Price – 4.5/5

With a price range starting at $899 for the smaller models of an Align Gel Eurotop Hybrid Mattress and extending to $1,999–$3,199 for Faith hybrid mattresses, the Diamond brand is on the expensive side. Fortunately, Affirm payment plans can allow you to pay less than $100 per month. 


Diamond is the best hybrid mattress brand if you want a soft hybrid mattress. However, their wide product range, including 13 hybrid mattresses, is more expensive than others.

SleepOvation – Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain


  • Designed as “700 tiny mattresses in one” to provide highly targeted support 
  • The cover can be removed and washed to keep the mattress clean 
  • Air channels between each individual “mattress” support improved temperature control 
  • Free shipping for contiguous United States customers 


  • Only available in medium-plush 

Who Should Try SleepOvation? 

SleepOvation is one of the best hybrid mattresses for back pain. We recommend it most to customers who feel worse in the morning or find that rest brings no relief. 

Most hybrid mattresses tend to have three zones of targeted support or none at all. SleepOvation’s 700 “tiny mattresses” in one are just large enough to cradle one of your 33 spinal bones each, in order to support your natural curves. 

The “tiny mattress” design also creates an extensive series of air channels that allow body heat to dissipate. This prevents the heat-trapping effect that a traditional memory foam mattress may cause. Although the design does appear strange, a quilted, internal mattress pad covers this layer to improve appearance and comfort. 

Despite its seemingly complex design, SleepOvation is easy to set up. It works with all types of bed frames, but if you choose a box spring, you will need to use a board on top. 

The softness and support of a SleepOvation hybrid mattress are suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers who alternate between the two. 

Who Shouldn’t Use SleepOvation? 

The softness of SleepOvation may make it unsuitable for stomach sleepers, as you will need more firm support for your hips and abdominal area. If you are suffering from back pain, consult your healthcare professional before changing mattresses. 

SleepOvation Ranking: 4.6/5

Size – 4.8/5

SleepOvation is available in all six standard sizes, from Twin to Cal King, ranging from 56 to 116 pounds. All of these options are 12 inches thick. Adding to their title as one of the best hybrid mattresses for back pain, SleepingOvation mattresses are of moderate weight. For example, a Queen weighs just 90 pounds, and the largest, the Cal King, weighs 116 pounds. 

Durability – 4.6/5

The SleepOvation hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can be confident of enjoying many years of support. Their carbon steel springs and high-density foam ensure they are built to last. 

Comfort – 4.8/5

Most side, back, and combination sleepers will find individual support for each spinal bone very comfortable, especially if you are suffering from back pain. However, stomach sleepers may notice increased discomfort. 

Price – 4.4/5 

The price range of SleepingOvation is higher than many others, due to its unique, more complex design. A Twin mattress will cost $1,899 without special offers, while the King and Cal King sizes cost $2,599. However, Klarna payment plans start at just $99 per month for the Twin size, and reach up to $135 per month for King sizes. 


SleepOvation is the best hybrid mattress for back pain, thanks to its unusual design that doesn’t push your spine out of its natural curves. It gives you an ideal balance between softness and yielding to your natural curves, and firm support. 

Nectar Sleep – Best Hybrid Mattress In a Box


  • Pressure-relieving gel memory foam 
  • Shift-resistant lower cover to support mattress durability 
  • Free pillows, sheets, and mattress protector included 
  • More lightweight than many other mattresses 


  • Not a true hybrid mattress on its own; requires a box spring to “complete” the hybrid feeling

Who Should Try Nectar Sleep? 

Try Nectar Sleep if you’re looking for a one of the best hybrid mattresses in a box. Its memory foam options include both gel and copper models, which provide both pressure relief and a cooling effect. Additionally, copper is antimicrobial, a feature that contributes to durability by preventing bacterial growth. 

Nectar Sleep combines memory foam with bouncy support layers so you can enjoy pressure relief without sinking into the mattress center. All foam materials are Certi-PUR certified, too, so you can sleep safely without chemical off-gassing. 

You also enjoy excellent value for money with Nectar Sleep. Each package includes two pillows, a mattress protector, sheets, free shipping, and free returns if it isn’t right for you. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Nectar Sleep? 

Do not purchase Nectar Sleep if you do not have, or cannot buy a box spring layer. All three options are memory foam mattresses. 

Nectar Sleep Ranking: 4.5/5

Size – 4.7/5

Nectar Sleep mattresses are a little lighter than many other brands. The King size, which is the largest model, weighs only 84 pounds, compared to others that weigh over 100 pounds. 

Durability – 4.7/5

With Certi-PUR certification, you can be assured that your mattress won’t off-gas potentially toxic chemicals or break down within several years. 

Comfort – 4.3/5

Nectar Sleep mattresses combine softness with support, so you don’t need to worry about sinking during the night. However, it lacks the same degree of bounce as true hybrid mattresses. 

Price – 4.9/5

Some Nectar Sleep product bundles cost less than $1,000, and feature pillows, a mattress topper, and sheets. 


Nectar Sleep makes the best mattresses in a box. However, it isn’t a true hybrid mattress, as it only includes all-foam mattresses, so it needs to be combined with a box spring.

What Makes a Mattress a Hybrid?

The best hybrid mattresses combine the innerspring mattress with a thicker comfort layer. The difference between hybrid and innerspring mattresses is that the comfort layer is thicker than two or three inches. 

The comfort layer can be memory foam, polyfoam, air foam, latex, microcoil, fiber, alone or as a combination. This balances bounce with softness, and support with pressure relief. While mattresses made from materials such as memory foam alone can trap heat, the springs allow for more airflow. Springs also make changing positions during sleep easier. 

What Are the Types of Hybrid Mattresses?

The best hybrid mattresses have many possible combinations of innerspring and foam layers. The most common are memory foam layers and individually wrapped springs, but you may find other materials, too. 

Innerspring Coils

The deep layer of innerspring coils provides the bounce factor that makes the best hybrid mattresses appealing to many. Not only can it make intimacy more enjoyable than with an all-foam mattress, but changing sleep position without waking up is easier, too. 

Pocketed Coils

Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric, with organic mattresses even using GOTS-certified organic cotton. This allows them to move independently of each other, giving you targeted support. Targeted or zoned support is best for those suffering from back pain, as the mattress conforms to your spine’s natural curvature. 

Side sleepers benefit more from independent movement of innerspring coils too, as your shoulders and hips naturally sink deeper into the mattress. If you change sleeping positions several times throughout the night, the springs will readily conform to your movements while providing motion isolation to prevent your partner from waking up. 

Pocketed coils also stabilize the mattress. They provide a superior level of edge support that prevents sinking as you move around or get in and out of bed. 

Thanks to all of their advantages, pocketed coils consistently appear in our best hybrid mattresses for this article. Although their price range is higher than other coil types, pocketed, individually-wrapped coils provide the most comfort and least sagging. 

Continuous Wire Coils

Continuous wire coils feature the lowest price range of all hybrid beds and aren’t among our best hybrid mattresses in this article. They consist of one single wire, made into loose coils and strengthened with helical wires. Continuous wire coils produce more noise and have less motion isolation than pocketed coils. Additionally, they do not conform to your body shape as well. 

However, you may consider this type of hybrid mattress because they are very durable. Choose hybrid models with thicker foam layers to dampen the sound and add comfort if you want a continuous wire coil mattress. 

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell coils are another cheaper type of innerspring coil, and are a step up from continuous wire. They have an hourglass shape, with the smaller portion in the center designed to be more flexible. A series of helical wires connects each coil to the next, so they aren’t able to move independently like pocketed coils. 

The advantage of connected coils is firmer support. However, it also means they are less responsive to changing sleeping positions or the natural curves of your body. There is less motion isolation, and your mattress is more likely to squeak when you move. The weaker design of Bonnell coils can lead to sagging and less durability. 

For this reason, Bonnell coils aren’t seen among our best hybrid mattresses, either. A squeaky mattress may be budget-friendly and evoke memories of a cheap hotel room, but they are less comfortable. However, some stomach sleepers can experience better hip support. 

Offset Coils

Like Bonnell coils, offset coils have an hourglass shape and are connected to each other. Their hourglass shape has squared sides, which gives more support and responsiveness to your movements. This means more motion isolation, and they are quieter than rounded Bonnell coils. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are made of viscoelastic foam, a material originally designed for pressure relief on long flights. It has since moved on from aircraft seats and is now a popular choice for the best hybrid mattresses. 

The cradling effect of memory foam is perfect for those who don’t often change position at night, as it is easier on pressure points. Side sleepers may find little to no shoulder or hip discomfort, for example. 

However, memory foam mattresses can be high in VOCs, as it is a synthetic material. Look for the best hybrid mattresses that use CertiPUR US-certified memory foam layers. This ensures both durability and little to no emission of harmful VOCs. 

The snug cradling properties may also feel smothering and trap heat, so many will infuse the foam with substances that draw heat away from the body, such as copper or charcoal. The best cooling hybrid mattress brands may use a gel memory foam, too, which gives the same contouring effect without leaving you feeling too hot. 


Polyfoam, or polyurethane foam, is the most common type of foam used in the best hybrid mattresses. It is often used above and below memory foam layers to prevent excessive sinking, or to bring down the price range. 

Polyfoam is more durable, and does not sink because its properties are different to the viscoelastic material used for memory foam. Side sleepers may prefer polyfoam because it gives more support to your hips and shoulders, which place more weight on your mattress. 

There are three major grades of polyfoam, and softer or firmer mattresses aren’t necessarily better or worse quality. Density is what counts. The lowest quality foam will appear soft and comfortable at first, but quickly sag. These have their place as temporary beds or camping mattresses. 

High-density and high-resiliency polyfoam is sometimes used in the deeper support layers of foam mattresses. For example, the Nectar Sleep mattresses have dense support foam cores, which expand once the mattress is removed from its box and unrolled. 


A latex hybrid mattress is a more natural alternative to synthetics such as memory foam, and many are certified organic. Rubber tree sap is the original source of latex, which makes dense foam more durable than synthetic materials. The life expectancy of a latex mattress is approximately 1.5 years longer, at 7.5–8.5 years compared to six or seven years. 

The Awara Sleep stands out among latex mattresses for its suitability for larger body sizes. At either two or four inches of foam thickness, you won’t sink too much at night, and can enjoy a firmer feel more appropriate for back pain.  

Additionally, latex mattresses are bouncier, making it easier to move around. They are more breathable too, so won’t trap heat. Some of the best cooling hybrid mattress brands use organic latex instead of conventional foam, as its breathability has a natural cooling effect. 

What to Look For in a Hybrid Mattress

The best hybrid mattresses for you depend on your individual sleeping habits and health concerns. Material and design quality, as well as price range and value for money, are essential factors, too. 

Coils and Edge Support

The type of coils and level of edge support can make or break even the best hybrid mattresses for couples, and influence longevity. Individually wrapped, pocketed coils minimize noise when moving around, and provide motion isolation so you won’t wake up your partner (or any young children who decide to join you). Edge support allows you to get in and out of bed more comfortably. 

When coils are able to move independently of each other, you enjoy more targeted support, too. This is best if you are suffering from back pain, as it works with your spine’s natural curves instead of against them. The last thing you want when you wake up is a worsening of your symptoms. 

Material and Durability

Other key factors in finding the best hybrid mattresses center around materials and durability. For example, you may prefer a gel memory foam, which can be best for hot sleepers if it includes a cooling material. On the other hand, organic latex is found in many effective cooling mattresses thanks to its breathability. 

Sleeping Habits

Different sleeping habits require different levels of firmness to provide the right support. 

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need more support for the abdomen and hips, so soft mattresses are out. Choose a firmer mattress, such as a luxury firm or medium-firm mattress. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are often most comfortable with memory foam mattresses, as it supports the natural curves of your shoulders and hips. Latex mattresses may also give you the right balance between comfort and support. In general, side sleepers need a softer mattress or a thicker foam layer, with the best soft hybrid mattress brand being Diamond Mattress. 

It is possible that side sleepers have an advantage over other sleeping positions. Research suggests that this position is optimal for removing metabolic waste products and other toxins from the brain. This may help to prevent illnesses such as dementia from appearing later in life [3]. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers, like stomach sleepers, need more support to prevent back pain from sinking in too deep. If you consistently sleep on your back, consider the best hybrid mattresses with zoned support to remove pressure from your lower back. A luxury firm mattress is best, especially if you are suffering from back pain. 

Health Concerns

Some health issues affect your usual sleeping position, and how much temperature control you may need. For example, many people are side sleepers to relieve snoring, some cases of back pain, and digestive problems. You may even choose to sleep on your side because the position improves your brain’s ability to remove waste products [3]. 

On the other hand, many back sleepers choose the position to relieve neck or back pain, as well as nasal congestion. Head elevation can give you extra relief if you have nasal issues. Additionally, some people are back sleepers to reduce the development of wrinkles. 

For menopausal women, memory foam infused with material to boost body heat removal may be best to accommodate hot flashes and night sweats. Cotton and wool help wick away moisture too, preventing sweat from pooling.

If environmental toxins are a concern, you may want an organic mattress, such as one made from latex foam. However, the phaseout of some harmful chemicals, such as fire retardants, means that a newer mattress will likely be less toxic than a model you have kept for 20 years [2]. 

Body Weight

Your body weight also determines the right firmness level for you. Lightweight and average-weight side sleepers may want a soft hybrid mattress. The curves of your hips and shoulders require more movement on the mattress’ part, so you won’t wake up sore in the morning. 

On the other hand, a firm hybrid mattress is best for heavier sleepers, as they are less likely to sink over time. If you are combining a mattress with a box spring, a firmer mattress is best. 


One advantage of the best hybrid mattresses is that the springs make it easier to change positions. Combination sleepers, who may move around more at night, benefit most. The best hybrid mattresses for ease of movement have bouncy innerspring layers, and are often latex mattresses as this material provides superior recoil to memory foam. 


Sure, springs can be fun, but they also have the tendency to be squeaky. To avoid being woken up by their noise while you or your partner changes sleeping positions, look for sufficiently thick foam layers or springs designed to minimize noise in the best hybrid mattresses.

Temperature Regulation

One of the advantages of hybrid mattresses is their superior temperature control, a bonus for hot sleepers. The best hybrid mattresses, such as Layla, infuse materials such as copper in their foam layer. Combined with the increased airflow through the innerspring layer, body heat can dissipate instead of building up. 

Price, Guarantees, and Refunds

A hybrid mattress can cost more than $2,000, so it’s important to shop around. Price shouldn’t be your only priority, however, as you don’t want a cheap product little more than a basic innerspring mattress. It’s best to look for value for money and take advantage of any discount offers. 

Before making your final decision, it’s also important to read the guarantee and refund policies. There should be a broad list of indications for refunds, including if you simply find the mattress uncomfortable (this will be limited to the first several months). Additionally, the best warranty policy will include a lifetime warranty, as a quality mattress is designed to last. 

You can learn more about the best mattress for all budgets and needs here.

Shipping and Delivery

When shopping for the best hybrid mattresses, look for affordable shipping and fast delivery. As the best hybrid mattresses can be costly, the best-value shipping rate is free shipping. Delivery should take less than one week within the US, although mattresses are large items. 

Hybrid Mattress Prices

The price range of the best hybrid mattresses tend to range from less than $1,000, to over $2,000. The cheapest complete hybrid mattress we have reviewed in this article are the DreamCloud Sleep, and some Diamond Mattresses. 

Common FAQs

What are the most important things to know about buying a hybrid mattress? 

Is It Worth Buying a Hybrid Mattress?

Yes, especially for hot sleepers and if you want to move around in bed without that sagging feeling. We also recommend the best hybrid mattresses for couples, as the bouncier feeling is often best for intimacy. 

If you are concerned about the higher price range of hybrid beds, there are a few ways to save. Take advantage of special offers, brands with free shipping, lifetime warranty policies, and refund guarantees that allow you to decide within the first several months if the mattress is right for you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Mattress?

The advantages of the best hybrid mattresses include a more individualized contouring effect, instead of generalized zoned support or no targeting at all. They have a bouncy sensation and superior edge support, while the springs of a hybrid bed make for a more cooling mattress than foam alone. 

On the other hand, hybrid models have a higher price range than all-foam or innerspring mattresses, especially with pocketed coils. There is less motion isolation, so your partner may feel you moving around in bed more. Hybrid mattresses are also harder to move around, and are generally heavier. 

Can You Buy a Hybrid Mattress in a Box?

Yes, the best hybrid mattress brands will compress the mattress for shipping and delivery, without damaging the spring coils. This is uncommon, as the springs of a hybrid bed prevent it from being rolled up.

Do I Need a Box Spring With a Hybrid Mattress?

It isn’t necessary to use a box spring with a complete hybrid mattress. The deep layer of spring coils takes the place of traditional box springs. 

Some box springs may damage all-foam or even the best hybrid mattresses if the spaces between the metal or wood are wide enough for them to sink through. If you want, you can combine a foam mattress with a box spring to create the effect of a hybrid. 

Ranking Methodology Explained

When ranking the best hybrid mattresses, we focused on the several most important factors of size, durability, comfort, and price. 


Size not only includes the length and width of your mattress, but also its thickness. A mattress made too thin may not support your weight without completely compressing the springs and comfort layer. 


A mattress is a small investment, so you want it to last years, especially if you choose the model to accommodate certain health needs. We prioritized those with the most durable materials and longest warranties, a sign of confidence in the product’s longevity. 


Comfort may be one of the most subjective factors, but there are a few things we all agree on. A comfortable mattress will conform to your body shape, without sinking in too much or being too smothering. Even better, particularly if you experience back pain, some of the best hybrid mattresses provide targeted support to relieve pressure in areas such as the lower back. 


A mattress can cost up to two or three thousand dollars, especially if you choose a luxury hybrid mattress. Our top picks include those with the best value for money, including free shipping and a lifetime warranty. 


Hybrid mattresses with good temperature control, contouring, and pocketed coils are great for people who sleep hot, have back pain, or want comfort and less motion transfer.

Some hybrid mattress brands are better than others. We like the Lull Luxe Hybrid. Our second choice, Layla Hybrid Mattress, uses organic stuff and gives support where you need it.

Other good ones include Diamond Mattress, which makes the softest hybrid mattresses. DreamCloud gives you the most for your money throwing in sheets, a mattress topper, and pillows with each mattress you buy.

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